About Us

Welcome, dear waffle lover!
Here at WAFL we follow the below values from the start. 
Our vision
To provide all best waffles in one place in all big cities of US till 2023. We bring carefreeness and joy to our customers by showing excellent customer service, serving healthy waffles made from scratch with unique topping sets and affordable value. 
At WAFL we have revolutionized a classic “waffles&syrup” duo to whole new level of mix and match game - our waffles are freshly made from scratch and come with unexpected toppings that create an epic combination ultimately making you feel joyful and carefree like a child. 
WAFL cares to provide waffles that make you childlike carefree! 
Here at WAFL we serve sweet egg waffles, waffle pizzas and waffle dogs - everything that waffle lover needs in this world.
Our corporate culture is built on team work on achieving maximum customer satisfaction. We don’t forget about our employees and treat each team member as a family. We have corporate team events that are fun and education filled. 
Our owners are dedicated to above mission statement from start and work hand to hand with management on improving quality of items and customer service.